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100 Years of Cub Scouting - 2016

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The Scout Movement which was started in 1907 and became a great success, but had many enquires from younger boys to join. Girls were expected to join Guiding.

In 1916 Baden Powell presented the junior members of the Troops aged between 8 and 11 with their own programme based around the Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling. Their section were called Packs, Leaders were named after animals in the various stories and AKELA was the Leader of the Pack. The Wolf Cubs were devided into Sixes rather than Patrols. The oldest boy being The Sixer. The Section saluted with two fingers rather than the three used by Scouts. This was later changed to three fingers which directly relates to the Three sections of the Promise.

Jungle Book

Leaping Wolf Badge

Badge Work

The training programme worked towards introducing the children to new skills, gaining self confidence and making new friends through simple First Aid, easy knots,hiking, camping and games. The young boys would work towards their First and secod Stars which they wore on their capeventually achieving their Leaping Wolf

Later in the 1960's the sectin became Cub Scouts and with the introduction of Arrow work the children would be expected to show improvement in different area over the three years they were in the Pack culminating in Gold Arrow, before they started their Link Badge which prepared them for transfer to The Scout Troop.


Arrow BAdges

Adventure Awards

Girl Cub

In the 1990's girls were allowed to join the junior sections of The Scout Association and testing badgework began to be replaced with participation in adventures with the Adventure Award and the Adventure Crest.

Beaver Scouts were also integrated into The Movement

In 2002 Scouting had developed a new uniform, replaced it's section programme with a 6-25 developing scheme and each section had a Chief Scouts Award to take part in. Badges were awarded for Challenges undertaken rather than testwork Challenge Awards Current Uniform

Silver Chief Scouts

Silver Chief Scouts Award for Cub Scouts

In 2015 the badge programme for all sections were revamped and the Challenges were changed to include personal challenges and the shape redesigned to hexagonal badges


Cub Challenges

Cub Scout Challenge Badges

Chief Scout Silver Award

Chief Scout Silver Award

New sectional logos were introduced which clearly shows the fleur-de-lys as a relevant part of modern scouting
Beaver new logo Cub New logo Scouts new logo
  A list of some of the milestones in a Hundred Years of Cub Scouting can be found here  

100 years later with various changes to uniform, programme and the inclusion of girls, Cub Scouting still offers a brilliant basis which encourages and support our young people's developement as they mature into valuable members of Society

We are still not able to offer this to all children who want to join because we do not have the adult Leaders. Across the country some 33,000 are on waiting lists





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