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The camp theme this year was Myths and Legends so on arrival at camp each Cub had to win their spurs with activities of deer stalking, avalon trail, and tossing the gauntlet, having pitched their own tents.

A Cub Scout's Own Service entitled wide game which entailed searching for the clues that resolved the puzzle which allowed each six to release the sword from the stone.An opening camp fire and supper completed the first day. Knight
Sword in a stone

Monday saw us escaping to Sherwood Forest with an interesting hike in Alice Holt Forest searching for the trail signs. The constructions found allowed for climbing and swinging.

On the cubs return to camp they cooked Robin’s Meal of sausages, potatoes and peas on self built fires. Dessert was Chocolate bananas.
The evening's activities included a wide game in search of the Lost Grail followed by a campfire. hat, ballistaand duck
The Beavers came on Tuesday so as always a wide selection of activities available. Robin Hood Hats, shooting Aylesbury Ducks, Trent crossing, Horse shoe tossing, and outlaw pursuits were all on offer during the morning. Ballista firing flour bombs, sword fighting and Little John’s staff followed a visit to Guinevere’s stall for presents and tuck. The highlight of the evening though was when a Hot Air Balloon made a landing in the next field.
wizard Magic and Wizardry was in the air for Thursday after our trip out on Wednesday to The Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex. Merlin to the fore to teach the Cubs some magic before departing to The Spectrum for a swim and search for Excalibur. An eager inspection of the Leaders discovered the transfers carefully concealed from view when dressed.
The camp was drawing to an end but a final wide game to return The Grail to Avalon and a noisy campfire before bed was the programme for the evening. The usual full breakfast on the last morning ready to strike camp and make our way back to our homes after The Magic tricks and wands which would have inspired even Merlin when the demonstration were performed.
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sword in stone

Adventure course 1

Adventure course 2


Forest Owl
Forest Dragon  fly Balloon landing
Balloon packing 2balloon packingCubs singing to balloonist
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