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Cub Summer Camp 2007 was themed around The Jamboree so was called Rally round the World. We wanted to discover other countries culture so each night there was a Scalectrix Grand Prix. Associated with the country we had been studying.
There was the usual arrival amidst the kit by adults on the Saturday, but some semblance of order had materialised by the time the children arrived at 10 am Sunday Morning.

We started with Canada Bearthe arrival of the flags of the world through the camp gate (A pioneering structure erected by our Leaders) and an opening ceremony.
Settling in continued before we started Huskie Racing from Canada, learned a little about The Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen, and undertook some grass sledging before The Canadian Grand Prix.
A Cub Scout’s Own and campfire completed our first day.

Monday we were in Greece Zorb aDancersand took to the woods to construct some bivouacs, before returning to site for some Zorba Dancing and a birthday cake for one of the Cubs.


Tuesday was Australia Day and The Beavers Arrived. Flying Doctor Game, Bush Tucker Trials, Boomerang throwing and volley ball kept them involved all day. The Melbourne Grand Prix and Campfire completed the day.

Wednesday was the outing to Amberley Chalk pits where the Cubs were able to go on ol d buses and trains, see all manner of items from a previous period. They could find out what a Bodgers camp was and also see postoffice and telecommunication equipment.

Japan is an Asian country which was included as our Thursday activities. Origami peace lanterns were made and decorated ready to be floated later in the day. The highlight though must have been the demonstration by two Leaders of Sumo Wrestling which encouraged all the children to have a go. A final campfire before our departure on Friday

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