Group Heading

Cubs at Camp camp 2008 Heading camp site


Cubs Summer camp for 2008 was held at Farnham District Campsite, Garners Field, Tilford, Surrey awaiting Cubs The tents were up and the sun was out all that was needed was some Cub Scouts

Some changes to the kitchen had been undertaken in the last year including a back door and a new cooking facilities

back door kitchen
minibuses arrive
The Cubs are here!!!!
Cubs on site
more cubs more cubs
The main hall and Leaders tents are this way Cubs start The campfire is already built thanks to the helpers that had stayed overnight

Elaine makes her promise and accepts the Jungle book name of Baloo when she is invested at the

start of camp Elaine's investiture

Johns wood badge

John Hirsch receives his Wood Badge to show he had completed all the training for a Cub Scout Leader.

The Wood Badge is a set of beads - a symbol started by Lord Robert Baden Powell many years ago - which you wear over your scarf..

tent pitching

This is how the tent starts on the ground.

Now its up, lets check if it is correct.

Our tents are ready.

It's up
another sixes tent our tent six tent
the race has started athlete's skipping athlete's throwing
Athlete's Badge running Athlete's Badge skipping Athlete's Badge throwing

A Rugby Coach from Epsom and Ewell Rugby Club visited camp and taught the Cubs the rules of the game.

rugby coaching

rugby details ball handling more ball skills
bivouac sheet Looking for wood here some ferns
The bivouac sheet is up They sent us to get some wood. Now they want some ferns
bivouac a start bivouac not really hiding Cubs Bivouac hidden
I can still see the sheet. Is that any better? Where are they hiding?
Now we are off to Sea aboard HMS Victory Portsmouth
On Board Victory Victory Tour Harbour trip
More harbour trip

Harbour trip 2There is so many things to see on this trip around Portsmouth Harbour.

It's so much fun
Cheeseon pizzas Pizza Cooking in a carboard box. Anyone for cheese? There are plenty of other choices. Bananas with chocolate buttons to follow. pizza choices
pizzas ready to cook more pizzas pizzas ready
pizza and cheese In the oven now the banana
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