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Cubs at Camp camp heading camp site


This year 23 Cubs spent 5 nights under canvas at Garners Field, Tilford, Surrey.

This is how they spent their week:




assault course The Cubs were involved in putting up their own tents, writing postcards, having a turn on the Adventure Playground and taking part in a Cubs Scouts Own (a service with hymns and prayers) and their first campfire of the week. campfire
assault course 2



Box Cart Day!


box cart 1

The Cubs took part in designing and making their own Box Carts which they raced down the hill later in the day. Today they also took part in a treasure hunt using compasses and team work.

boxcart 2


bivouac 1

Today we had 3 Beavers visit our camp. Everyone spent the day in the nearby woods making shelters and using them to keep out of the rain showers!

bivouac 2
bivouac 3

Bivouac 4








The Cubs and Beavers also went for a walk to identify trees and leaves for part of their Naturalist badge.

Naturalist badge



Today was our visit to the Brooklands Museum.

Brooklands 2
Brooklands 3

The Cubs went on Concorde, in a F1 racing car, had a very interesting guided tour, went in the Discovery room and much, much more.

Brooklands 4


During the morning the Cubs took part in the second part of the Naturalist badge – finding different bugs and flowers.
Cubs and flowers More flowers
At lunchtime they cooked their own pizzas in cardboard boxes and in the afternoon paid a visit to Guildford Spectrum.
pizza 1
  Many pizzas  


Black Six

Today the Cubs had another go on the Adventure Trail, did some bark rubbings to complete their Naturalist badge and helped pack everything away.


White Six
Brown Six It was time to go home! Red Six

We hope that a fun time was had by all! See you next year!



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