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In January 2012 invites were issued via every Cub pack to join an exciting adventure to a cub jamboree at Gilwell Park. 25th May - 31st May 2013

A week of fun under canvas at the home of Scouting with plenty of Pirate escapades.

Do you want to search for treasure, sail the seven seas or maybe walk the plank?

Several Leaders have already agreed to join the team to run this adventure, but more are needed.

The County Commissioner has approved our badge design and our badges and scarves have arrived .

There are Cubs from 9 different groups joining our happy contingent.

The ship is ready for all who wish to tread it's decks. We are in the final preparation to lift anchors and set sail for Gilwell.


treasre Hunt
45 youthful members have signed up for this swashbuckling journey. Young pirate Gold coins of payment are now being accepted. Full chest of money due by February 2013. FULL PAYMENT has now been paid and It is full Sail ahead Coin chest



The Sutton Contingent climbed aboard our trusty ship, moored at 1st Cheam Scout HQ at 13-45 on the 6th October 2012 . When the vessel has been named we will be ready to set sail at 14-00 .

You met your crew mates and Captain for the journey, your neckerchiefs were issued, hats were made, shirts ironed with our motif.

25th May - 31st May 2013


16th March Sutton United Fund Raising 1pm Gander Green Lane

Meet Jenny Giraffe at the Community Day

See more details

Earn us some extra Gold Coins for treats

Sutto's Pirates




For an invite letter or more details please email via the Contact us Page





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