1st Cheam Heading

Geronimo's Powwow

Cubs at Play

1st Cheam Cubs assembling for instructions

A fun day arranged by District to allow Cub Scouts to meet and have fun with others from the District of Sutton

Face Painting with 1st North Wallington (Gunson Pack)

face paints

Children from all the packs had been invited to attend and on the day 16 packs supplied bases and had children in attendance feathers
Derek Smith
Feathers and face paint were definitely the order of the day. Many Cubs had been hard at work creating their headdresses. It was interesting to see all the different varieties on display

. black wrist tribe

How to join The Black Wrist Tribe from 3rd Beddington

water trial

Water Trial. How much water can we get round the course?

Our Cubs



natural collage another head

An Indian head out of Natural products

painted face
Teepee making

9th Cheam

Teepee Making with 9th Cheam

Cooking with 1st Beddington
Dream catchers
Dream Catchers were the base for 1st N Wallington (Bren ) Pack

Twigs, wool and more feathers but what dreams they have to capture.

Dreams caught

Fishing with 1st Belmont Group.

Can anyone see them


Horseshoe tossing, Moose shooting, Native American Information, Tomahawk throwing, Leaf identification and Paw Prints were other bases to choose from at this activity packed day

We are Going on a Bear Hunt with 1st N Sutton.

When you found the bear the jelly bears were good

Bear trail
Bear hunt

Tigris Service Crew

Setting up to cook Sausages and Burgers for all the members present.

Tigris Service Crew   We were also able to supply a little sample to each of the girls from Rosebury School who arrived as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition.
Paul Goldsmith Campfire Leader


more singing

A Great time was had by all.


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