Group Heading

Gilwell Park Adventure Day
  Gilwell House  
Beavers on bus Three mini buses and several cars were loaded with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and helpers ready for the journey around the M25 to the home of Scouting. Gilwell Park in Essex. Cubs aboard
The sun has come out and thanks to John, Richard, and Rob the mini buses arrived at our destination in plenty of time for a toilet break before we set off on our hike around the park.

Our GSL and President arrived in a car before the end of the walk and Lunch was taken in readiness for the activities planned for the afternoon.

campsite There were several other groups already there, one activity involved Native American Indians and another pirates. There were also some service cadets and a band practising in the beautiful grounds. The weaher showed the area off beautifully
Gilwell wood
assault activity
View across the field
Off to the track.
Where are those pedals? Downhill now Nearly there.
Watch out Lewis Hamilton we are under training
To the track
nearly there

Beavers having fun on the pedal karts. It was hard for them, some could barely reach the pedals.

lets get started

The Cubs were trying something else.

Jump mats and G-swing and High Bar walk.

the G swing
  High Bar walk Rounders Cubs safety first
  This is quite high. Rounders. We have got our safety kit on.
Stacking the crates
scouts kitted out
Scouts climbing the pole High Seesaw
Falling crates and scouts High on seesaw
    Scouts kitted out for adventurous activities Scouts climbing to The high Seesaw Coming down
















Cutting the cake

news return


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