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Explorer Scouts are Scouts aged 14-18.  A Scout can start the process of moving on to Explorers from 13½ and become Explorer Scouts after his/her 14th birthday.

Explorer Scouting is run by the District, not by individual Groups, although some Groups do have Explorer Scout Units attached to them.

The nearest Explorer Scout Units to 1st Cheam are:

There are five other Explorer Scout Units in Sutton District, meeting on other nights of the week.

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In addition to joining a Unit, Explorer Scouts can become Young Leaders.  This involves assisting with the leadership of a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop and doing appropriate training.  Young Leaders do not need to help in their old Group, but can of course do so if they wish.  You do not have to join an ESU to be a Young Leader, but most Explorers enjoy their Scouting more if they do.

All Explorer Scouts, including Young Leaders, are members of the District and wear the District scarf.  Every ESU's programme is open to all Explorer Scouts to join if they wish to do so.

All Explorer Scouts can work towards the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards and Scouting Awards such as the Chief Scout's Platinum and Diamond Awards, the Queen's Scout Award and the Explorer Belt.  Being a Young Leader counts towards the “Service” elements of these Awards.

Explorer Scouts also take part in an active District, County and National programme of adventurous and fun activities, such as powerboating, sailing, jet-skiing, climbing and mountaineering, camps, hikes, challenges, night exercises, gliding, parascending, off-road driving and much, much more!

For more information about any aspect of Explorer Scouting in Sutton District, or to join in the adventure, please contact the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Simon Keen, on 020 8661 7532 or by email to

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