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Day Five dawned a great deal better than previous days as the Beavers were arriving for their sleepover.Cakes pioneers

Marshmallows and spaghetti pioneer project. There were lots of exciting items on the programme Beaver pioneers

B Pioneers



The first task was to make their lunch sandwiches for the fire.Then the Cubs and Beavers made up cake mixes which were cooked in Cardboard ovens for backwoods cooking. The results were good. They tasted great too by all the empty dishes.


Cooked cakes Marshmallow toasting There was also camp pillow case for the Beavers and rope making for the Cubs. All the Beavers and Cubs enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the fire

Grand Prix Map

The afternoon was to be a Group Grand Prix with all the Group All of Camp

The Teams

The Games Target Ball , Ball collection, Bounce the pingpong ball, Water cup transportation, Hit the skittles to find out how many spaces you can move around the race track. Who was to win?

Let the fun begin.


Target ball Target ball
 Ball collection More plastic balls Balls collected
More water water transporting WAter transport
Carefully does the tray of water around the course including a seesaw.




Grand Prix Director



More skittles

Lots of fresh air, plenty of plastic balls to use in a variety of ways and a BBQ to finish.

Beavers beds Time for the Beavers to prepare their sleeping area. Ready for bedBedding for Beavesr
The Campfire is Burning.
Campfire Campfire Campfire
Wdnesday campfire It would have been impossible to not have a group campfire before the Scouts went off for their Wide Game & the Beavers and Cubs settled down with their cocoa for a Scouts Own on Friendship. Wednesday Campfire


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