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This year we are trying something NEW

Our Scouts and Leaders arrived on Saurday with the lorry and started to set up our first Group Camp SEt up Camp Camp setup

Camp set up 3The main kitchen area and Cubs mess tent is ready to go, but Scout Patrol areas are still in process, but still plenty of jobs to do, although the Leader's sleeping tents and mess is ready.

campset up

setting up camp camp set up seting up camp
The Patrol sites are getting organised as they need to cook their own dinner.
Fire Shelter No Cubs on site so the evening passed quite peacefully, except for the preparations for the rain that was expected, so the fire shelter was erected. Camp Rules
Day Two and the Cubs arrive almost on time, but so does the rain. Inital activities included changing out of uniform and into camp kit. Their uniform was then hung up on coat hangers so they would stay nice for Bird World. We discussed the camp rules, issued diaries, collected pocket money and started on our knotting. Reef Knots and Sheetbends for the cubs. The scouts took over the large frame tent to build their rafts.The rain stopped so the cubs were able to get their kit into the tents.
Jousting Jousting Jousting
The afternoon's programme of Its A Knockout gets underway with Jousting followed by Welly Throwing
welly throwing Welly Throwing Welly Throwing
Adventure Course The rain did not stop the fun and games for the young people, because as it stopped Garners Field Adventure Course was used. The Slide
Hang on Tight The tyre Head First
Fire wood required to get these fires going
Wood Firelighting Food Preparations
fires Scout Leaders Help Custard Making
Fire going Then it was time for work as the Scouts had to prepare their fires and cook their dinner of Mash Potato, chop and vegetables suitably supervised. Scouts cooking



The Cubs meal was prepared centrally and they had Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding with Nut Roast for the Vegetarians, but the cubs had to write their postcard home.

Cubs washing up The washing up obviously followed, before collecting washbags and torches.
Ready for our guests We had a joint campfire with 3rd Epsom and their Rama led the action so we are just awaiting their arrival. What a great campfire waiting to be lit. Start of Campfire
Campfire campfire Thanks to Rama 3rd Epsom for some new campfire ideas and then at the end of the day it was time to lower the flag. The Cubs went off for their cocoa and the Scouts had a Wide Game.
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