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The natural successor to the Chief was Eric Alcorn but he was overseas for an indefinite period on business commitments.


In his absence Cyril Pegg consented to accept the warrant as GSL. On moving from Molesey to Cheam in the late 1920s and taking a house at the bottom of Malden Road, Cyril soon became involved with the Scout Group up at the top of the hill. The doors of our Headquarters were quickly opened to welcome him plus his already wide knowledge and experience of scouting that was to prove invaluable . Once in 1st Cheam he served as an Assistant Cubmaster, became Scout Master of the newly formed Senior Scout Troop in the late forties, and soon the Rover Scout Leader. Cyril Pegg, who became known as Skipper Pegg, served a little over a year as GSM, until the summer of 1951 when Eric Alcorn returned from overseas and as pre-agreed was immediately appointed the group’s third GSM – though fate was to bring Cyril back to the lead role some thirteen years later.

Cyril Pegg
Eric Alcorn

Eric Alcorn, always referred to as Grey Brother, spent many years of his scouting life associated with cubbing. He had in fact himself joined the Movement as a Cub in the 1st Malden in 1916, the first Pack to be formed in Surrey. It is now legendary that at Bill King’s request he formed the 1st Cheam Cub Pack in November 1928 and later in 1938 started “B” Pack to absorb the long waiting list of lads eager to join 1st Cheam. That same year he was appointed District Cubmaster and later Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs. Soon he was Akela Leader for Surrey and a member of the International Training Team. In the 1959 St. George’s Day Awards the Chief Scout awarded Grey Brother the Silver Acorn “in recognition of specially distinguished services.” Whilst still leading the 1st Cheam as GSL through, I personally believe, some of its most successful and happiest years, Grey Brother took on a further work load when he was appointed District Commissioner for Sutton and Cheam in May 1962.To the bunch of us who were young Scouters in the group, Grey Brother became an inspirational leader, a wise and highly respected confident and counsellor, as well as a personal friend to many.


On a bleak Monday morning in October 1964 Eric Alcorn collapsed and died whilst driving to work. He was 56.

Gone Home Grey Brother




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