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Scouting HistoryBP Picture

Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell, World Chief Scout, would have been delighted that Scouting celebrated its centenary in 2007 with a massive World Jamboree at Chelmsford, Essex, England for 40,000 scouts around the world. Scouting is currently practiced in 218 countries in the World. In 1899 he wrote a book “Aids to Scouting for Nco’s and Men” which was to encourage observation, deductions and tracking.

An example thanks to www.pinetreeweb.com is
“As one instance of observation and deduction, I told how my bicycle had been stolen one night in India and how I tracked it down and discovered the thief. In the early dawn I followed the track of the bike along a hard high road, not an easy thing to do if you look down on the road, but looking along the surface towards the sunrise one saw the track quite clearly ahead of one in the dew lying on the ground.
The thief had led a bike by hand because the front wheel was locked and he evidently didn't know how to free it. His foot-marks alongside it were those of a soldiers boots, not a native's sandal. I observed that he passed the turning which led to the Cavalry Barracks, so I deduced that he was not a cavalryman; similarly he passed the road to the Infantry Barracks, but when he got to the Artillery road he turned up it and went into their Barracks. So I had only to tell the Adjutant of the Artillery that I believed one of his men had possessed himself of a very nice looking bike with a locked fore-wheel, and in a very short time my bike was returned to me, having been found hidden under the bed of one of the men.”

He was keen to establish whether the ideas he had developed while serving as a Soldier in South Africa would appeal and work with English boys so one hundred years ago on 1st August 2007 Robert Baden Powell a British Army Officer held an experimental camp on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour for 20 boys from different backgrounds like Eton, Harrow and the East end of London.

Scouting for boys The success of this adventure encouraged him to write Scouting for Boys” a fortnightly publication initially for established youth movements like Boys Brigade, YMCA etc. In a short space of time he was receiving letters from groups of boys, not associated with the known organisation, who had formed themselves into patrols and troops with adults acting as Scout Masters. In less than two years 11,000 boys had formed themselves into troops and that is why BP always maintained that he did not start Scouting but that it started itself.
Girls dressed as Scouts and tried to call themselves Girl Scouts attended a rally in 1909 but BP would not allow that in view of the different constraints on females in those days. He wrote a separate book for girls and called them Guides.

1st Cheam History.

The St Dunstan’s Institute, once the home of the Cheam Working Mens Club and built next to the Fire Brigade’s stables in Malden Road was the meeting place on Wednesday 17th October 1928 for four local boys at what was to become a legendary meeting with a Mr King from Glebe Road. Having retired Bill King had responded to a Nationwide appeal for men to come forward and train as Scouters. To read more about The Founder of the group go to Group History

Cheam emblem75 Years

To celebrate our 75th Anniversary in 2003 we held several special event, but we started the year by designing and incorporating a badge to wear on the back of our neckerchiefs. We decided that we did not want a badge that became dated as we continued on our long journey so the founding date of 1928 was to be incorporated rather than a current date. We wanted to recognise the older members who had started the group but also wanted to acknowledge that it was the current membership that kept the movement growing. It was decided that from our founder and Kings Oak we would use an oak leaf. Brown for the elders of the group and green for the current new youngsters. Hence the badge we wear on the back of our neckerchiefs.

We ran a group fun day at Hook Farm Effingham. All sections joined together on a day's activities. Many different bases were arranged around the field ranging from dropping bombs from a plane into buckets, shooting at goal, an obstacle course, a water course and interspersed with a central large darts game.

A massive banquet at Bourne Hall was arranged for the Saturday nearest the 75th Anniversay. Hosted by our President Ian Smith and our GSL John Haizelden with their wives. 172 past and present members and supporters attended from around the Globe. Special Guests were previous members of 13th Trondeheim Group, Norway.

80 Years Celebrations

A Great day at Gilwell Park for the whole group. Pictures

and introducing technology a Web site to spread our news.

Awards for many of the Leaders who have given long and meritous service.


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