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1st Cheam Cub Scouts study the stars at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich
The Cub Scouts from 1st Cheam travelled from Worcester Park Station to Waterloo where they transferred to a South Eastern Train to Lewisham where they picked up The Docklands Light Railway and getting off at Cutty Sark Station. A short walk past Greenwich Naval College found them entering The National Maritime Museum. The morning was spent examining all types of Navy history from sextants to a bullet hole in Nelson’s jacket. There were hands on experiences too, like raising a flag message or sending a morse code signal. It was also possible to take charge of the bridge on a ship, in the Simulator. A packed lunch eased their hunger pains and then it was time for the climb up to The Observatory.

A special session for Cubs had been arranged and there were other Cub packs present so we were met by our guide Hannah who packed our bags away before we entered the Planetarium. A presentation by an Astronomer showed the sky as it would be that very same night and various constellations like Cassiopeia, Ursa Major and the Pole star were shown and discussed. He also explained the Astrological use of the stars. The Cubs were then given a questionnaire to answer from the galleries that were situated upstairs. The top floor had activity rooms where the Cubs went and discovered the planets of our solar system and devised a game that would show their knowledge of The Milky Way.
When the work was completed a visit to The Greenwich Meridian and The digital millennium clock was a must. A photo and discussion on time and dates were not easy as the crowds were much bigger than when they had entered the Royal Observatory four hours earlier.

Cub Scouts and Leaders ready

at 08-45 at Worcester Park Station

On the Train to Waterloo

Cub at the Station On the Train
Lewisham Docklands Light Railway Cubs at Dockland Light Railway National Maritime Museum Maritime Entrance

LetIn we Gos go in and see what we can find.







Now its time for drinksDrinks Time
It appears to be quite a mystery as to what the Cubs think they are going to find inside a Maritime Museum
LightsLights on WaterInside A boat. 49er class dinghy for two persons Cubs Inside Museum
  This is how you steer a ship. Can we keep this ship on course?
Boat loading At the Helm On the bridge
Hope you do not get seasick with this crew at the helm
What a view!!!!
Greenwich top Greenwich top 3 Greenwich top 2
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter are the closest plants in our galaxy. The sun was too big and hot to portray, but it was easy to see the size and distance of Jupiter on the right copmpared to the other nearer planets
Planets around earth
What shall we make our panets from?
Activity planningActivity planning 2Activity planning 3.
clock Cubs at clock Greenwich meridian Cubs


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