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A Sleepover is usually held annually at 1st Cheam to give new and nervous children a chance to undertake a night away from home and parents prior to going to Summer camp. It often has a theme or provides the children with an opportunity to attempt an activity badge.

This year we held a sleepover for Cubs on the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May and this year we decided to try The new Staged Emergency Aid Badge. emergency aid badge
Beavers We were able to invite The Beavers to join us for the afternoon and they were able to complete stage 1 of this important badge.

In the evening the cubs undertook a hike around the village visiting various bases on further sections of the Stage 2 badge.

Each team of children had been named after one of the emergency Services:- Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard and Cave rescue. They were all issued with a map indicating where each base was located and in which order they should complete the hike. Each group Leader ensured each Cub had a coat and then they had to follow the sixer's instructions
patient carry
One base was a rescue of a patient that had fallen down a well. The children had to discover the code to unlock the gate to get to the trapped girl. assault course
She could then be transported back to safety in an overhead recovery basket by relaying a rope.
Some thought was required at another base because the teams had to construct a stretcher and carry their lightest Cub around a pre determined course
assault Course 2 patient recovered
At a base in run by Mrs Burstow the Cubs had a giant operation game in which they had to remove all the bones from the body in the quickest time without the buzzer sounding operation  game
Major Bleeds, Burns and Scalds and preparing a short playlet on a chosen scenario were included at the bases
On their return having followed their map and instructions to all the bases a supper of burgers in a bun was ready which was followed by a game of Spotlight. Then it was time for them to get their heads down.

getting help


A full cooked breakfast prepared them all for the remaining activities of cardiac massage and presenting their scenarios of getting help in an emergency

The event finished with the award of thirty two stage two emergency aid badges.

Thanks to Mrs Jan Moritz and St Johns Ambulance Service that loaned us the dummies to practice on

cardiac massage





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