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"The Big 3"

One mountain peak in a day is too much for many, but three in twentyfour hours. What a feat!!!!

When a Chris Prince felt the "out" was missing from SCOUTING in the early 1970's I do not think he could have had any possible concept of the fact his actions would be still inspiring his mates thirty years later.

Chris's thirst for adventure, as a member of The Rover Crew, started by encouraging his friends to undertake a long distant challenge hike - The Lyke Wake Walk a 45mile hike across the North Yorkshire Moors.

The successful completion of this challenge started their thirst for a bigger adventure and thus in 1975 six climbers and six drivers from the crew in 1st Cheam decided they would travel from sea level at Fort Williams to sea level at Caenarvon via the three highest peaks of mainland Britain. All in twentyfour hours. Ben Nevis (Scotland) 1344ft, Scafell Pike (England) 978ft and Snowdon (Wales) 1085ft. A film was made for prosperity and money was raised for charity

DaughterBig3 image

Daughter of The Big 3

In June 2005 the original conquerers of "The Big 3" met again to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the feat and to reminisce, laugh and watch some old celluloid images of themselves thirty years earlier. The images of fit and healthy young men climbing mountains were saddened by the knowledge that two of the original team - Keith Steele and Pete Ashby - were fighting another battle with cancer. Their strength and the memory of such a wonderful time gave birth to a notion that when they were fit again a repeat of the expedition would be undertaken. Unfortunately their dreams were to be thwarted later that year by their untimely death.

In tribute to their husbands' lust for adventure Sally Steele and Hillie Ashby vowed to that they woud take on the dream, so" The Daughter of The Big Three" was born to raise money for cancer charities.

Sally Steele, Hillie Ashby and Chris Prince began the planning, but appreciated that their own ages and health needed to be considered, so they would take five days and stay at nice hotels( at their own expense to maximise the money raised for charity). That is how in June 2007 ten of Pete and Keith's immediate families and friends conquered the three highest peaks in a single trip rekindling the fun, friendship and adventure experienced thirty years earlier.

Reunion Supper

June 21st 2008 was the meeting date at 1st Cheam Headquarters for those special people who gathered to share a supper, talk about the event and find out how much money had been raised for their respective charities. ( Full details to follow)

A Double DVD has been produced by Nick Sergeant to further increase the funds. If you would like to watch the feats of all these adventure, read some poems and laugh at the outtake please click here and send us your details and for a small price £15 Nick will arrange for one to be issued.

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